“I have been working with women around the world on business development, conferences, speaking engagements and special events under  Women’s Global Initiative for nearly a decade without pomp and circumstance.

Women’s Global Initiative (WGI) is about “Prosperous and Social Engagement”.  It is a living organism where women come together to enhance one another’s strength and to create strategic partnerships.  We combine our collective resumes and stellar, business acuity to become a” tour de force” in the global marketplace.

I am relaunching WGI with this trip and you! I am humbly asking each of you to become members of WGI. The membership will afford you assess to noteworthy individuals;
spectacular events that are usually off the radar; unique travel opportunities; global presence and most important entree to other WGI global members who will enhance your personal
and business endeavors.

WGI will  host events on the continent of Africa, throughout the Caribbean, in Europe, China and the Middle East. Our speakers and/or panelists will be sourced
from WGI’s stalwart, membership base.  Additionally, you will be able to grow your businesses via the many member consultants. You can become a WGI consultant!”

-Marcia Dyson


Apply for your WGI membership


– 100,000 Members Worldwide
– 120 National Chapters
– 60 International Chapters
– Networking Conferences, seminars
– Online webinars and training
– Speaker’s  Bureau (Extra Fees)
– Author’s Bookshelf
– Online business visibility
– And, more!

Membership that Progresses Pioneers

WGI members can anticipate a cornucopia of events based upon surveys from the membership base.  Some events will include wealth management and investments, book signings, art exhibitions, online power lunches and the inclusive WGISuite where members can interact with experts from select fields of interest.

WGI member’s calendar will showcase monthly evening salons where currents events will be discussed with some very special guests.

Another attractive aspect of WGI is that we will cater to the needs of the hectic lifestyle of our members with gender-sensitive programs that will satisfy their specific social, cultural and business needs.
Fellow members come from all over the globe.  They are the ones who impact women’s daily lives via policy-making and foreign affairs.  They are the creative geniuses that add beauty to our lives and stimulate our minds.  And, they are those power leaders who are overlooked by most establishments.

The international membership drive will bring together also business executives, the literati, and prominent grass-roots leaders.

WGI members are dynamic and engaging.

WGI is committed to the effort to solve the underlying problems that threaten, undermine and impair women’s ability to lead productive and fulfilling lives. We will focus on ameliorating the economic and socio-cultural barriers that limit women’s life opportunities, dedicating our resources toward lowering these barriers wherever we encounter them in the communities we serve