Who we are

Women’s Global Initiative (WGI) is about “Prosperous, Purposeful and Social Engagement”

Women’s Global Initiative (WGI) has been working with women around the world on business development, conferences, speaking engagements, and special events under for nearly a decade without pomp and circumstance.

WGI is a living organism where women come together to enhance one another’s business strengths by creating strategic partnerships. WGI members combined and collective resumes; stellar, business acuity allows members and their clients to become a" tour de force" in the global marketplace.

In 2020, WGI will host events on the continent of Africa, throughout the Caribbean, in Europe, China and the Middle East. Our speakers and/or panelists will be sourced
from WGI’s stalwart, membership base. You can grow businesses via the many member consultants. And, you can become a WGI consultant too!